The Andalusian Association of Municipal and Community Broadcasters for Radio and Television (EMA-RTV) is a non-profit association that merges more than 100 Andalusian municipalities, 90 broadcasting radio stations and 17 television networks throughout the Andalusian territory.

Radio, television, multimedia, research, international cooperation, training initiatives and solidarity activities; EMA-RTV is the first broadcasting radio station and audiovisual network in Andalusia. Created in 1984, by a local willingness and civil society, it today acts as a driver for social concerns in the Andalusian territory.

The network broadcasts are carried out under the brand Onda Local de Andalucía (OLA Radio, OLA Television, and OLA on-line). It currently has a hundred local and citizen public media.

The service that is being provided to citizens as a participatory channel is today the broadcasters’ identifying mark. Its information agenda addresses a reality that has no place in most media and is open to new experiences of participatory communication with civil society.

The diversity and variety of accents, cultures and landscapes create the personality of a unique informative message in the Andalusian community and international reference.

Two million listeners a day feel identified with a project for supportive communication and that is aware of the responsibility assumed as a network for citizen and public media and in a territory with historical communication shortfalls. To think, share and debate reality to provide citizenship empowerment, are the basis for achieving democratic progress and to build fairer and more democratic societies, from a more local level, oriented to satisfy the common well-being.

EMA-RTV is coordinated by its General Meeting, where all the partners participate and through the Board of Directors represented by 18 municipalities from all political developments as well as a citizen channel.

EMA-RTV has promoted and coordinates the RESPECT WORDS project.

For more information on EMA-RTV, please visit: www.emartv.es

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