Radio Dreyeckland (RDL) is a non-commercial, independent radio station in Freiburg (Germany). RDL was founded in 1977 as part of the anti-nuclear movement. In the beginning the station was forced to broadcast without a regular licence. With the help of more than 150 volunteers RDL since has developed into a broadcaster with a very rich programme. We currently feature more than 50 different music programmes, broadcasts on culture and subculture, background information and political analyses as well as news – many of these in more than 50 different languages besides German.

The name Dreyeckland (‘triangle country’) points to the High Rhine region where three countries, France, Switzerland and Germany, share borders. Many of the people living here think of the area as one region, thereby making national borders irrelevant for their daily lives. This particularly came to bear in the strong, transnational anti-nuclear movement in the region.

RDL can be listened to per FM, cable and online. In its broadcasting area RDL has 45,000 permanent listeners, with about 18 000 users visiting the station’s homepage each month. By exchanging many of its programmes with more than 60 broadcasters in Germany, Austria, Luxembourg and Switzerland, RDL reaches many more listeners in other German-speaking countries.

RDL is financed by the non-profit association “Freundeskreis Radio Dreyeckland”, direct donations, and a small fraction of the German broadcast and television license fee.

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