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RADIO ŠTUDENT is a non-profit, urban community (culturally & socially differentiated) radio-station established by the Student organization Ljubljana on the 9th of May in 1969 and is one of the oldest community radio stations in Europe. The primary objectives of Radio Študent are to promote the interests of different social and cultural minorities, as well as the interests of the student community. By paying attention to more complex and generally discriminated topics it also educates its own listeners. Since its very beginnings, Radio Študent has promoted values such as tolerance, respect for differences, freedom, truth, solidarity, consistent asserting of human rights etc. Radio Študent also plays an important role in providing informal trainings in journalism for students and youth. Each year we train more than 50 young journalists in different fields (socio-political, cultural, music, scientific), radio announcers and radio sound technicians.

Throughout the history of Slovene radio broadcasting Radio Študent stands out as the foremost presenter and critical evaluator of actual global music events with its characteristic form of music criticism, heartfelt and absorbed presentation of edgy, marginalised and socially provocative music from across the globe ranging from all alternative forms of rock, jazz and improvised music, avant-garde and folk music, experimental music, contemporary DJ and electrophonic music.

Serving very diverse “communities”:

  • student community and employees in higher education – special program production by the University Editorial Board – interviews, comments, round tables, news on student and higher education topics; the majority of our new co-workers in training are also students,

  • cultural institutions – promotion, presentation of production, news from the cultural world, one of the biggest production of cultural reviews in Slovenia; school of cultural and art criticism; production of new media art and an new media art festival, curration of an new media art web platform,

  • alternative music lovers and journalists in the music field – regular program features music sets produced by over 60 journalists in the Music Editorial Board; music news, concert announcements, reviews, special broadcasts on music genres not widely covered in the main media – metal, hard-core, techno, reggae & rap, blues, jazz, ethno and contemporary «classical» music, noise,

  • music bends and clubs – promotion, live studio concerts; connecting clubs and musical bends; audition for new or not yet well known bends (including a concert tour of over 20 concerts and releases of a first studio recordings and a promotional CD), Festival of music and record labels TRESK, concert events for the celebration of Radio Students birthday; own record label ZARŠ Records; coverage of Friday night electronics sets from the main clubs that promote electronic music,

  • ethnic minorities – special broadcasts for Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian, Roma and African community produced by representatives of minorities

  • social minorities and alternative socio-political groups – special broadcasts for homeless people, migrant workers, LGBT community, anarchists, feminists

  • primary school media – workshops and establishment of radio and multi-media portal at primary schools, trainings for school radio rookies and their trainers

  • specific politics coverage: broadcast Balkan express on topics from the Balkan states and Southern Hemisphere on topics from “third world” countries

  • delivering news from the word of science: science news, interviews with scientists, broadcasts on natural sciences.

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