NIKOS TSIMPIDAS,  Journalist, Director of Radio Broadcasting Programs – ERT

“Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation – ERT and Actions for Refugees Crisis, Migration and Human Rights”


EIRINI GIANNARA, Local Project Coordinator – ERT

“RespectWords” Overview


First Lecture

ELEFTHERIA KOUMANDOU, Journalist “Athina 9,84” Radio – Observatory for  Racism and Fascism Speech in Media

“Greek Media and Refugee Crisis, from 2014 to today. A qualitative and quantitative approach”

Short Bio: Eleftheria Koumantou, is a journalist at the Athens 9.84 radio station and coordinator of the Observatory on the fascist and racist speech in the media. She is also a member of the Golden Dawn Watch, the observatory for the Golden Dawn trial.


Good Practice

ANASTASIA SPYRIDAKI, Journalist – Local Coordinator ERT Aegean-Mytilene

“Broadcasting Refugees Crisis”



 MICHAEL KOSMIDES, Journalist – Lecturer at London South Bank University

“Hate speech: A Look at the British Approach”

Short Bio: Editor, producer and journalist with over 20 years of extensive experience covering major global events from international summits to conflict zones. Michael Kosmides is currently producing the flagship daily morning show ‘Morning Money’ for the UK’s business radio station, Share Radio and  he is a part-time lecturer on Multimedia Journalism at the London South Bank University. He has worked in demanding online, broadcast and print environments for national and international Media organisations and B2B clients. Cross-media approaches and delivery of message narratives through different communication channels are at the core of his thinking. He is regularly briefing businesspeople and diplomats on issues relating to Greece and he was an expert assessor form many years with the EU MEDIA programme defining the policies on transmedia projects funding. Michael Kosmides is a former editor at the BBC World Service, and vice president of the Foreign Press Association in London.



First Lecture

APOSTOLOS VEIZIS, Head of Programs of the Hellenic Dept decins Sans Frontières

“Immigration and Health” The experience of Médecins Sans Frontières

Short Bio: Apostolos Veizis is a doctor. Since 2004 he has been working with Médecins Sans Frontières – Greek Section. Before he worked as a Mission Manager and Medical Coordinator for Doctors Without Borders and Doctors of the World in Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Russian Federation, Albania, Egypt, Georgia, Turkey, Greece. He participated in exploratory missions, emergency interventions and evaluations in Kyrgyzstan, Morocco, Armenia, Lebanon, Syria, Ukraine, Turkmenistan, Zambia, Malawi, Uzbekistan, Cyprus, Tajikistan and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. He participated and presented at international and national conferences and contributed to the writing of texts and papers.


Good Practice

NIZAR SANOUSSI, Coordinator of Scaramagas Refugee Hospitality Center

“The Management of Hate Speech in the Refugee Hosted Centers”


Second Lecture

EVA COSSE, Research for Greece – Human Rights Watch

«Migrants Seeking Opportunity or Refugees Seeking Protection?»

Short Bio: Eva Cossé, Western Europe researcher for Human Rights Watch, works on issues related to discrimination, migration, asylum and minority rights, with a focus on Greece. Her recent work has included research and advocacy on police abuse and other rights violations of the homeless, people who use drugs and sex workers in downtown Athens, ethnic profiling in Greece and France, xenophobic violence in Greece, summary returns of asylum seekers and migrant children from Italy to Greece, the unlawful detention of migrants and asylum seekers in Malta, and the refugee and migration crisis in Greece Cossé has previous work experience from the Office of the Human Rights Commissioner of the Council of Europe. She holds a Law degree from the Université Paris 13, a master’s degree in European Law from the Université Paris 12, and a master’s degree in International Law from Université Paris 10. She is fluent in Greek, French, and English.


Good Practice – Intervention

MYRSINI TZINELLI, Journalist ERT Aegean-Mytilene

“Broadcasting Refugees Crisis. How Media altered local community views”


Good Practice

KONSTANTINA DIMITROULI (PHD), Journalist, Proto Programma-ERT

“Economy, Populism and  Hate Speech”



NIKOLETTA TSITSANOUDI – MALLIDI, Assistant Professor of Linguistics, University of Ioannina

“The Journalistic Language as a vehicle of evaluation judgments and the propagation / maintenance of negative stereotypes”

Short Bio: Nicoletta Tsitsanoudis-Maldides is assistant professor of Linguistics and Greek Language at the Pedagogical Department of the University of Ioannina, CHS-GR Partner in Comparative Cultural Studies of Harvard University (2014-15) and member of the Greek Department of the European Journalists Association. She has taught at postgraduate and postgraduate level in the Universities of Ioannina and Thessaly and at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Her books are used in writing at university schools. President and Rapporteur at international and Greek conferences, an editor of an international American linguistic magazine and a reviewer in linguistic journals. Her studies are published in Greek and international magazines. She has developed academicly responsible Greek language learning programs at the Stavros Niarchos International Culture Center. She is a writer and editor of thirteen books in Greece and  United States. She received the “Distinguished Researcher” and “Distinguished Judge” award in US for her work from the Untested Ideas Research Center. In 2015, she was elected Executive Director of the International Academic Affairs of the Euro-American Women’s Council (EAWC). Harvard Summer School, Harvard Professor at Harvard Summer School, with a research faculty. She is the Academic Director of the Summer University, organized by the University of Ioannina with the support of Harvard, the European Parliament and the Representation of the European Commission in Greece and the Scientific Director of the Language Seminar organized by the University of Ioannina and ERT Public Broadcasting. As a journalist she worked in Athenian newspapers and regional media. She was responsible for press-public relations of the Deputy Chair of the Hellenic Parliament. She writes occasionally in the press of Athens and the Greek community (Vima,, Topical, American-Greek News Agency etc.).



First Lecture

SCOTT GRIFFEN, Director of Press Freedom Programmes – IPI

“Hate Speech Online: Dimensions and Challenges for Journalism and Press Freedom”

Short Bio: Scott Griffen joined IPI in 2012 as press freedom adviser, focusing on Latin America and the Caribbean. As director of press freedom programmes, he helps plan and oversee IPI’s long-term project work and helps guide the organisation’s overall strategy in defence of press freedom and freedom of expression worldwide. He holds a bachelor’s degree in humanities from Yale University and a master’s degree in global ethics from King’s College London.


Good Practice

LEDA FILIPPAKIS, VideoJournalist – Producer /Reuters

“The Rhetoric of Hate and its avoidance through the image. What needs to be presented and what I am careful to avoid “

Short Bio: “I have had the opportunity to meet the world of journalism as a holder of different positions in the radio, tv, magazines, agencies, newspapers and websites. For over ten years now, the Mass Media industry has been blossoming in front of my very eyes, asking me to water it more and more with my hard work so as to receive its aroma, named (further) experience. Multitasking is my thing! And I’ve noticed that it’s during tough moments in the field that I perform better. Field assignments, article writing, radio production and investigative journalism suit me the most. As long as I am working outdoors, long hours don’t frighten me. I hope to be given the chance to do more stories together with photographers, for magazines, the papers or online Media. My ethical goal is to respect the field and go/work on challenging and demanding assignments anywhere in the world. Specialties: Polyglot. [Grew up bilingual (English-Greek), and also speak fluent French and Russian and adequate Czech, Italian, Spanish & Serbian]. Fast and effective in the field. Excellent when under pressure. Writing print-type pieces or stories requiring previous research. Multitasking both at office and in the field. Best journalistic experience up to now has been the coverage of the Kenyan-Somali crisis during the great famine in 2011, due to the drought that hit, yet again, the Horn of Africa.”


Second Lecture

VASILIS VASILOPOULOS, Journalist – New Media Content Manager ERT – Head of Research Team of QJNT / Athens

“The Hate Rhetoric and the discrimination of every kind as the basis of the problem. Best Practices to Avoid Behavior of Code of Conduct”

Short Bio: Vasilis Vassilopoulos is a journalist and a collaborator as a specialist scientist at the Department of Communication and Internet of the Cyprus University of Technology. He taught Codes of Ethics and Quality Assurance Systems in Media at the Postgraduate Program “Qualitative Journalism and New Technologies” of the Austrian DUK University and the Athens Research Center, is the author of the magazine “Quality Standards in Media – Are They Sense?” By “Taxideytis” Publications. Also he is the Head of the QJNT – Athena research team, who drafted the self-regulatory framework and the Publishing Statute of the Internet Publishers Association. He has been the Director of New Media Content of ERT.


Good Practice

FANIS KOLLIAS, Founder Solomon Magazine

Presentation of the actions of Solomon Magazine & Inclumedia Project

Short Bio: Fanis Kollias is 26 years old, coming from Tripoli. When in 2009 came in Athens to study Business Administration in OPA, the life outside University seemed more interesting, so he decided to start working on the industry before he luxuriated in it, which makes him still a student. He was occupied with events in the cultural sector, journalism in sites and print media, communication, advertising, copywriting and non profit sector, until he was found again at the Athens University of Economics and Business through the Fellowship Diploma of Social Entrepreneurship. This time, he was really devoted and graduated, while he simultaneously started the ”Solomon”, an initiative that focuses on social inclusion and uses the media as a tool. With a team of people from more than 11 countries, who all together talk more than 20 languages, Solomon aims to exploit the diversity and the variety of our society, a society that could be described as the ultimate mosaic of cultures.



KOSTIS PAPAIOANNOU, Teacher – former General Secretary for Transparency and Human Rights

 Short Bio: From March 2015 to November 2016, Kostis Papaioannou served as Secretary General of Transparency and Human Rights at the Ministry of Justice. From 2006 to 2015 he was elected President of the National Commission on Human Rights. He was the Leader in the Establishment of the Incident Report on Racism Violence. He was for years President of the Amnesty International Greek Section. He studied History and Archeology and completed postgraduate studies in Political Sciences. He teaches as a philologist at the Greek-French School of Agia Paraskevi in various journals and newspapers on issues of transparency and human rights.



Short Bio: Stevi Kitsou is a lawyer with a specialization in human rights. She studied at the Law School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He served as a consultant to the General Secretariat for Transparency and Human Rights and has published articles



First Lecture

KATERINA LOUKIDOU, Coordinator of the Committee on Rights, Discrimination & Equality of the Social Control Council of Attica – Representative of the General Secretariat for Gender Equality

“The Overcoming of Sexism in the Public Speech”


Second Lecture

LINA HATZIANTONIOU, Psychologist, Researcher at the Equality Research Center (KETHI)

“KETHI’s work on the elimination of gender discrimination in the media”


Good Practice


Chairman of the Board – “Network of Children’s Rights Protection“

“The Migrant Birds” The Journal of the girls’ refugees at the Schistos Hospitality Center

Short Bio: Myrsini Zorba was born in Athens (1949) and graduated from the Athens School of Law (1972). She completed her postgraduate studies in Philosophy of Law at the University of Rome with a scholarship from the Italian Government (1973-75), and her doctorate at the Panteion University (1990). She has worked for many years as publisher (Odysseus Publishers) and book translator. She was advisor to the Culture Minister (1993), Director of the National Book Center (1994-1999) and MEP (2000-2004). She taught at the Teaching School of the Pedagogical Department of Preschool Education (1992-1995 and 2005-2007). Since 2006 she teaches cultural theory and politics at the Postgraduate Department of Management of Cultural Units of the Hellenic Republic. During her mandate in the European Parliament, she took part in the Culture Committee and produced a report on the European cultural industry. She dealt with the Rights of the Child in particular, participated in European Committees and Networks, founded together with others the Network of Children’s Rights Protection, which has been president since 2004. In 2008-9 she was the director of the Syros Industrial Museum. She is a member of the Board of Directors of the Group for the Modernization of Greek Society. She has published numerous articles in magazines and newspapers, and since 2005 he regularly writes in the Journal of Reform on Cultural Policy. Her books: The State Policy for the Book, Odysseus, 1995, From Exarchia to Brussels, Odysseus, 2004.






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