With the motto `Ethical Journalism against Hate Speech’, the RESPECT WORDS project, coordinated by the association EMA-RTV, raises the need to rethink how media and its professionals deal issues related to migratory processes, ethnic and religious minorities.

In a particularly worrying European context -dehumanization of migration policies, lack of empathy with life and rights, rise of islamophobia and xenophobic speeches, commercialization of journalistic information- more than 150 European media and about 1300 journalists of the 8 partner countries for the RESPECT WORDS project (Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Spain, Greece, Hungary, Ireland and Italy), will work together to contribute in the construction of new imagery, essential in the fight against hate speech.

RESPECT WORDS is based on three essential axes:

The first one is geared towards the development and implementation, on behalf of the semi partners, of an ethical code on the journalistic treatment of the aspects related to migratory processes as well as ethnic and religious minorities. To prepare this document, each partner will organize, in its own country, a seminar along with institutions and experts whose conclusions will be collected, shared and reflected in a common European ethical code.

The second axis will kick-start an online interactive map of European best practices for migration processes and minority, available on the project’s website, that will bring together and provide visibility to them in the European context, emphasizing positive initiatives in the areas of communication, information, culture and integration of migrant and minority populations. These good practices will be extended into other areas, serving as examples to improve media treatment on these issues.

Thirdly, project partners will produce and broadcast a European radio campaign by means of news programs, interviews and awareness and understanding messages on humanitarian crisis, its causes, migration processes, refugees and ethnic and religious minorities’ rights. This radio campaign will have “RESPECT WORDS” as the common project name and the motto `Ethical Journalism Against Hate Speech´ in different languages.

For more information, please contact Guillaume BUTEAU, Respect Words project coordinator at