The Andalusian Association of Municipal and Community Broadcasters for Radio and Television (EMA-RTV) is a non-profit association that merges more than 100 Andalusian municipalities, 90 broadcasting radio stations and 17 television networks throughout the Andalusian territory.

Founded in 1984 to promote the legalization of municipal and local radio stations in Andalusia, EMA-RTV includes today more than 100 associated municipal and communitarian radios and TV, with extensive experience in training, legal advice and production and broadcast of social and informative radio & TV shows.

EMA-RTV supplies a 24/24 and 7/7 radio programming for more than 2 millions of daily listeners.

the organization has a large experience in the field of national and international projects. One of the priorities of the association for about 15 years is the organization of European campaign, public radio debates & trainings in communication skills for the citizen, with a special focus on marginalized people as migrants, unemployed, minorities or young people.

In addition, various communication training has been implemented by EMA RTV in schools and Universities, especially about intercultural topics,  media literacy & ethical journalism themes.

EMA-RTV has promoted and coordinates the RESPECT WORDS project.

For more information on EMA-RTV, please visit: www.emartv.es

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